6 Magical Ways to Cook Frozen Chicken in the Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love the crunchy chicken nuggets, succulent chicken tenders and a scrumptious chicken patty burger? They are super easy to prepare at home; just open a pack, fry the contents and enjoy your favourite chicken delicacies.

The only bad part is dunking the chicken into a gallon of oil and then feeling guilty about eating all the fat-laden stuff. However, with an air fryer, you can fry chicken in just about a tablespoon of oil (or even less) and still get the same crispy, crunchy and brown crust. In short, no fuss, no mess and no guilt!! Here are some quick instructions on how to cook frozen chicken in air fryer.

  1. Chicken Strips / Chicken tenders / Chicken fingers

Fried chicken strips are delicious! If you avoid eating fried chicken (for obvious reasons), you should try making frozen chicken tenders in air fryer. Believe us; you will get the same crispy coating, but with less fat. Here is how to cook frozen chicken strips in air fryer.

Cooking time: 17-21 minutes

Ingredients: Frozen chicken tenders


  • Preheat your air fryer to 175 ° C or 350 ° F
  • Place the chicken tenders into the air fryer basket
  • Air fry frozen chicken strips for about 17-21 minutes (until done)
  • If you are using fresh chicken strips, it should get done in about 12 minutes

Cooking tips

  • For a little extra crispiness, just a spray a little oil on your chicken pieces
  • Shake the basket often to ensure even cooking

Once you have tried air fryer frozen chicken tenders, you will never like the deep fried ones.

  1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast is among the healthiest and most succulent of all meats. The only thing that can make it unhealthy is putting it in a deep fryer. Air frying offers a super-healthy, yet delicious way to cook chicken breast. All you need to do is season the chicken breast, chuck it inside the air fryer and wait for the magic to happen. Want to know more about how to cook frozen chicken breast in airfryer?

Here is our quick and simple recipe for airfryer frozen chicken breast.
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes

Ingredients: Frozen chicken breasts, seasoning of your choice


  • Preheat your air fryer to 200 ° C or 390 ° F.
  • Season the chicken breast with your choice of spices
  • Cook the frozen chicken breast for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Keep checking in between to make sure it is done well

Serve it with some salad on the side and enjoy a wholesome meal.

  1. Chicken nuggets

Making frozen chicken nuggets in air fryer is easy and fuss free. No need to add extra oil. Just cook them in the air fryer for a few minutes and enjoy golden nuggets that are as succulent inside as they are crisp outside.

Cooking time: 18-20 minutes

Ingredients: Frozen chicken nuggets

  • Preheat the air fryer to 200° C or 390 ° F
  • Cook the frozen chicken nuggets in air fryer for 18-20 minutes
  • Shake the contents in between to get even cooking and browning

Dip in the sauce of your choice and enjoy a lip smacking meal.

  1. Chicken patties

Want to enjoy a better version of your usual chicken burger? You can cook the frozen chicken patties in air fryer to perfect crispiness and make your favourite chicken burger at home with accompaniments of your choice.

Cooking time: 11 minutes

Ingredients: 1 or 2 chicken patties


  • Preheat your air fryer to 180°C or 360°F
  • Cook the defrosted chicken patties in air fryer for 11 minutes
  • Flip the patties while cooking to get even cooking

Once your patty is nice and crisp, build your burger with some greens and sauces of your choice.

  1. Fried chicken

Air fryer provides a guilt-free way to enjoy fried chicken without actually frying it. It tastes just as good as the regular fried chicken, minus the extra calories.

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Ingredients: 4 pieces frozen chicken, ½ cup all purpose flour, 1 egg, seasoning of your choice, and salt to taste


  • Preheat your air fryer to 200 ° C or 390 ° F
  • Mix together the flour, salt and seasoning
  • Dredge the chicken pieces through the flour mixture, then into the egg and then again into flour mixture
  • Shake off the excess flour mixture
  • Spray cooking oil on the chicken pieces
  • Cook in the air fryer for about 25 minutes

Cooking tips

For best results, before putting frozen chicken in air fryer, soak the chicken pieces in butter milk for about 2 hours before cooking.

  1. Breaded chicken

Crumbed or breaded chicken as you call it is a favourite of many. Now you can cut down on the fat and still enjoy your favourite breaded chicken by cooking it in an air fryer instead. Here is a simple way to cook breaded chicken breast in air fryer.

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: 2 frozen boneless chicken breasts, 1 cup bread crumbs, 2 egg whites, seasoning of your choice


  • Preheat the air fryer to 200 ° C or 390 ° F
  • Cut the chicken breasts horizontally into thinner strips and pound them to flatten
  • Mix bread crumbs and seasonings in a large bowl, take egg whites in another
  • Dip the chicken pieces in bread crumb mixture, then into egg whites and then again into bread crumb mixture
  • Spray the chicken with cooking oil
  • Place the chicken pieces in air fryer for about 10-12 minutes

Cooking tips

  • You can add parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs mixture for better taste

When you cook frozen chicken in air fryer, you reduce the amount of fat, calories and other potentially harmful compounds substantially. What more, you get the same texture and taste as the deep fried version. So, go ahead and enjoy your favourite chicken dishes without the guilt of all the unhealthy fat.