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Philips AirFryer Review

Philips Air Fryer – Chicken Drumsticks

Philips AirFryer Review

By Bestkitchenreviews

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Philips Airfryer. This is supposed to be a healthy alternative to deep fried cooking. You can fry, bake and grill with this unit. It works on hot air. The Airfryer is 15.1 inches tall and inches 11.2 inches wide. The unit is plastic and weighs 15.4 lbs. It can cook up to 28 ounces of food. Included with the unit is a user manual and recipe book.

There is a guide with max amounts and cooking times for frozen food, meat, french fries. There are recipes for fries, spring rolls, chicken wings, steak, a whole cornish game hen, salmon and even a vanilla souffle.

If you want to try the Airfryer for yourself, I’ve put a link in the description below.

This is the air outlet and it shouldn’t be blocked. There is cord storage on the bottom.

Let’s go ahead and test the Airfryer. First I’ll make french fries using the recipe in the booklet. I’ve cut three medium peeled russet potatoes about ½ inch thick and soaked them in water for 30 minutes. I drained the potatoes and patted them dry.

Plug in the unit. The power on indicator lights up. Preheat to 360 degrees. Turn the temperature dial to 360 and the timer to 3 minutes. Mix in 1 tbsp of olive oil to the potatoes. After 3 minutes, the unit is hot. Pull the pan out. Put the potatoes in, don’t fill past the max line. Also, the more space there is in the pan, the crispier your food will be. Slide the pan back. The pan is very hot so it’s best to hold the handle. Set the timer to cook for 30 minutes. Shake the basket a few times during cooking. Press the basket release button and lift the basket out. Sprinkle them with salt while they’re hot.

Next I’ll make chicken wings. The airfryer can be used right after the fries are done to cook the wings, you don’t have to wait. This is about 2 pounds wings that I’ve seasoned. Preheat the Airfryer to 360 degrees. Place the wings in the basket and cook for 15 minutes. Shake it halfway through.

You can use this unit to reheat food, set the temperature to 300 degrees and the timer for up to 10 minutes.

To clean, turn the unit to 0 and unplug. Remove the pan and cool. The outside of the unit can be wiped with a damp cloth. The basket and pan are dishwasher safe. I would wash the with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Don’t use any abrasive sponges to clean the unit as it is non-stick.
Make sure all the parts are dry before you store the unit.

Philips Air Fryer – Chicken Drumsticks

By Videomad

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it also comes with this cab and it shows the temperature and the time for my
if it’s starting from called yet egg add an extra three minutes to cooking time
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it’s a guy drumsticks
– 18 to 22 minutes we need to add an extra three minutes because it’s cold
i’ll give you twenty-five minutes so let’s say 25 minutes
nice little noise just a fan going nothing to objectionable
we’ll come back and have a look at that surely we gotta shake it halfway through
to stop it sticking to the water basket
ok we’ll be halfway through time i’m just going to give it a little shake
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