Air Fryer Questions and Answers

The Air fryer is becoming increasingly popular.

There are a lot of experienced users already. New users and interested people visit our site every day. In this article we discuss the six most commonly asked questions for beginners.

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Questions Answered on this page:
1. What can I prepare in the Air fryer?
2. How much food can I prepare per batch in an Airfryer?
3. Where can I buy the best Air fryer?
4. How does food prepared in an Airfryer taste?
5. What accessories do I need for the Airfryer?
6. Should I preheat my Air Fryer?


1. What can I prepare in the Air fryer?

Actually, to give a complete answer, almost everything can be prepared with an Air fryer. The Air fryer is used by many people to include fries, potatoes, snacks, meat and chicken. Of course you can also extensive recipes prepare! It is even possible to make (small) cakes in the Air fryer, like for example Muffins with white chocolate and raspberries .

In terms of vegetables can actually all kinds that you can prepare with normal grilling as well. Consider, for example zucchini, corn, peppers, mushrooms and onions. Vegetables which should normally be cooked or steamed (such as carrots, beans, broccoli) are less suitable to prepare in an Air fryer.

Many people use the Air fryer to prepare frozen foods as well without a need to defrost. The most suitable are deep-frozen products which can also be prepared in the oven.

Actually, you can prepare anything with your Air fryer that you can cook in your oven, only faster! If there is no preparation time available on the food packaging specifically for the Air fryer, assume that the temperature you should use is the one for the oven minus 20 degrees, and a little more than half of the time. For example, should oven cooking normally require 200 degrees for 18 minutes, try to prepare your food at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes in the Air fryer.

In our overview of cooking times for the Air fryer you can find products suitable for the Air fryer with their respective cooking times and baking temperatures.

2. How much food can I prepare per batch in an Airfryer?

Fries in AirfryerThe amount of food you can prepare at the same time varies per type of Air fryer. Make sure that you’re never putting more than the recommended amount in the basket. In addition, the maximum amount is dependent on the type of food:

  • Potatoes or fries: basically for potato chips and fries, you can fill the basket to the brim. Keep in mind that large quantities of the end result may be uneven because the air will circulate less. Therefore, make sure that you shake the cooking basket for about 3 to 4 times to improve the result. A full basket in the Philips Viva Airfryer can accommodate about 3-4 people, a full basket in the Philips Avance Airfryer XL for about 4-5 people.
  • Snacks: Try not to prepare snacks like croquettes with more than 500 grams (18 oz) at the same time . Only cover the bottom of the basket for optimum results. Shake the basket well halfway through the cooking time so that the snacks are not unevenly prepared.
  • Stuffed vegetables, pastry snacks or other delicate foods: With such delicate foods it’s especially important that you can take them out well after cooking. Allow sufficient space between the foods so you can get them out again
  • Rising products: For these products it is more difficult to indicate what the maximum quantity is. Keep note that if the product starts to rise, it should not come onto the heating element. Should this happen, this could  have negative consequences for your Air fryer and food.

Ultimately, it is important to try out yourself to get a sense of how much you can prepare at in one batch with your Air fryer. So start with something rather is insufficient and if it is good, you can add a little more time next time.

3. Where can I buy the best Air fryer?

The best of course, is to buy a new Air fryer, but you could go for a second hand one as well. Be careful when buying a second hand Air fryer that you will not be scammed. Since the Air fryer is becoming more popular, there are more and more imposters offering Air fryers in fake ads.

On our pages on different Air fryers. You can find multiple reviews of users and find a list of online shops that sell Air fryers.

4. How does food prepared in an Airfryer taste?

The best way to find out is of course to try it yourself. Air fryers are very suitable to give products a crispy outside, while keeping the inside soft. As a result, Air fryers are very suitable for the preparation of French fries, snacks, and for example, chicken.

The exterior of most food items such as meat, chicken and vegetables will be slightly crisp after cooking . You can enhance this effect of  your Air fryer by applying a little oil on the food with a brush.

The taste of the food is also very pure. You have no oil or grease needed to prepare the products, and in addition, the taste of the product remains well preserved.

5. What accessories do I need for the Airfryer?

Avance Collection Grill pan AccessoryBasically you do not need additional accessories. The way most standard air fryers are delivered is extremely suitable for preparing all kinds of products. If you still want to go one step further you could consider buying a grill pan designed for the Air fryer. This ensures that the product is ready even faster and makes grilling meat, fish and vegetables even easier.

In addition to the official accessories, there are also a number of other accessories which are often used in combination with the Air fryer:

    • Bakes: Some dishes must be prepared in a casserole. Each dish can be used in principle for the Air fryer. Place the casserole out of the bottom of the pan, but in the basket. As a result, the air flow in the Air fryer remains optimal.
    • Flame Distributor: Of course no flame, yet the flame distributor can come in handy in the Air fryer. The flame divider is often used to cover the food. As a result, there will be no splashes against the heating element which is located above the basket. A commonly used flame distributor for Air fryer XL is the Handy flame distributor of Blokker. The flame divider is also suitable to prevent for example crumbs, pine nuts, or other light food items blowing up against the heating element.
    • Grill Mat: many people use a grill mat to keep the basket better clean. A grill mat is often somewhat easier to clean than the basket of Airfryer.

In addition, the grill mat can be used in the same way as the flame divider in order to prevent splashing or light food items come against the heating element. Please note that the grill mat yourself blowing against the heating element.

6. Should I preheat my Air Fryer?

Airfryer cooking timeIn principle, the Air fryer does not need to preheat. Of course, when you do not preheat your air fryer, you might have to leave your meal in slightly longer. It can make it easier for you to evenly place your ingredients in the air fryer without preheating it. Some products are required to be placed in the Air fryer before it is pre-heated, an example of this is the preparation of an egg . This allows the product to gradually come up to temperature.

The pre-heating of the Airfryer takes about two minutes. With the Philips Viva Airfryer, the timer button lets you pre-heat the device by adjusting the timer to five minutes and waiting until  the warm-up light goes out. Fill the basket after that and turn the timer knob to the required cooking time. The Philips Airfryer XL digital will begin preheating if you set the temperature and press the start button. If the device has reached the configured temperature, you will hear a beep. After that you will only need to fill the basket and set the time.