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The Airfryer from Philips


You have heard good stories about the Air fryer. But there are so many brands on the market, which one should you buy? In this article, I will help you on your way.


An Air fryer is a device that allows you to fry food without added fat. You can bake and grill with it. With an Air fryer you can replace a number of appliances: an oven, a barbecue and a fryer. It is suitable for snacks and fries, but also for meat, vegetables, fish, pastries, bread and other foods that you want to heat up. Air fryers have been very popular for a few years now. Philips was the first major player on the market, but now many more electronics brands have launched an Airfryer on the market. The technique is basically the same: hot air is blown through a basket or container. Whether there is a grill element and a special pattern for air circulation differs per brand and model.

Each Air fryer model is ready for use out-of-the-box. In addition, there are all kinds of accessories for sale for the different brands. For example, Philips sells a grill plate, a baking tin and a rack that can be used in the models that are on the market. You do not need any accessories for average use, although there are parts that are useful. For example, many people in the Philips Airfryer Avance XL use an anti-spatter lid for greasy smoke or a trimmed deep fryer filter to protect the basket against deposits.


In this article I compare a number of Air fryers models that are now on the market. I look at different aspects, such as power, contents of the basket and availability of accessories. The sales price also plays a role. So if you are considering purchasing an Air fryer, you will have a little more basic knowledge after reading this article.



A great place to find the latest air fryers and check reviews for is on Amazon:



The new basket from PhilipsYou do the food you are going to prepare in the basket of the Airfryer. How much is possible depends on the size of the device. Roughly there are two sizes: 800 grams and 1200 grams. That indicates how much weight you can prepare at the same time. A 1,2 kg chicken is therefore only available in large Airfryers with a large basket. In the latest Airfryers XXL you can prepare 1.4 kilos of food.

You may wonder how big is best for your family or household. I myself started with a small Airfryer with a capacity of 800 grams, for a two-person household. I found that quite small myself. Not so much because of the 800 grams, but because of the dimensions of the basket. I also wanted, for example, steak, burgers or chicken legs to make and with a small size basket that just quickly full. After a few days I switched to Philips Airfryer XL and I did not regret it. There can be four big chicken legs, 4 cupcakes, 4 sausages, you name it. Are you alone or at most make 2 pieces of meat ready, then a smaller basket may be more suitable. Always look carefully at the store how large the basket is and do not make a decision too quickly.


Airfryers are for sale with different capacities. The higher the power, the faster the Airfryer heats up and maintains its temperature. The food can therefore be finished faster. If you want to take your Airfryer with you to for example the campsite or a holiday home, a high power might be a disadvantage.


Not to mention: what does it cost? The Air fryers from Philips are known to be quite pricey. The Xl costs 185 euros, the XXL 229, smaller models are around 145 euros from Philips. Other brands can be cheaper. That does not automatically mean that they are less good. What Philips offers in any case for that money is excellent customer service. If you buy a device from the store offer as Lidl, you should check carefully how the guarantee is arranged. Can you send your device (free of charge) if there is something wrong with it, or are they difficult? And how long is the guarantee actually?


In this section I mention some different Air fryers models with their capacity, capacity and price. On that basis, you may be able to make the choice a bit easier.

New Philips AirfryerPhilips

Philips has roughly three models for sale in all sorts of different versions: the model with 800 grams capacity, the Xl with 1200 grams and the largest with 1400 grams. Recently, new models have been added with confusing names. So pay attention! There are offers where you get a grill plate, or a rack. The models differ not only in power / capacity but also in operation: with a rotary knob or a digital display. The display is sensitive and can suffer from, for example, moisture.

Viva Collection Airfryer with turbostar (new relief in bottom basket that ensures even faster cooking). The latest model has been on the market since autumn 2016. Older models do not have a turbostar and are cheaper. There is also a difference in the baskets: the latest models have a basket that can be separated for easier cleaning. The older models have a standard basket. The latest models are more compact in terms of design. The latest models are available with dial and display, the older also with a digital display.

Capacity: 800 grams
Power: 1425 watt
Price: from 145 euros

Avance Collection Airfryer XL . New models have turbostar, older models do not. The Avance XL is the most popular model in the Netherlands and I am also very satisfied with it, despite some small problems. They were solved very well by Philips, so you do not hear me complaining. The display is a weak point, and older models of baskets and trays are difficult to keep clean.

Capacity: 1200 grams
Power: 2100 watt
Price: in the offer about 180 euros

You can compare all models on the Philips site .

Inventum AirfryerInventum

Inventum has three Airfryers on the market at the moment. They differ in price, but not in capacity and capacity. In this area they correspond to the Viva Airfryers from Philips. Two of the three are operated with a rotary knob, the third (most expensive) with a digital display. Two models are round, the third has a somewhat squarer version. The experiences on the internet vary, some people are very satisfied but others complain about a chemical stench.

Product number: GF250HL, GF252HL and GF254HL
Capacity: 800 grams
Power: 1500 watts
Price: the cheapest version is for sale from 65 euros, the middle costs 83 euros and the most expensive 90 euros.


Aero-fryer from PrincessPrincess

Another well-known name is Princess. This Dutch company is currently marketing Airfryers under the name Aero-fryers, the XL and the XXL. The XL can prepare 800 grams of food at the same time and has a capacity of 1500 watts. The larger XXL can prepare 1.2 kilos at a time, just as much as the Philips Avance XL. However, the power is less: 1800 watts compared to the 2100 Philips. There are 7 preset programs. The reviews on the internet are mostly positive.

Product number: 182020 (XL), XXL unknown
Capacity: 800 grams (XL) and 1200 grams (XXL)
Power: 1500 watts (XL) and 1800 watts (XXL)
Price: the XL costs 89 euros and the XXL 143.95 euros.

Only the XL is mentioned on the Princess website .


Wartmann AirfryerWartmann

The brand Wartmann has a model Airfryer (see picture), in different colors: black, white or red. There can be 1.2 kilos of food, but he has ‘only’ 1400 watts of power, which is less than the other models on the market. On some websites I also come across a different model, with 1500 watts and also 1.2 kilos of capacity. Possibly a new version. Only the latter is on the Wartmann site itself.

Capacity: 1.2 kilo
Power: 1400/1500 watt
Price: 120-130 euro


And the Actifryer of Tefal?
In this overview you may miss the Actifryer from Tefal. This is because this is a completely different type of device. He has a pivot arm and looks very different. You can also make fries and snacks with it, but the applications are very different. In addition, you can not set a temperature.

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