Philips Airfryer

The Philips Airfryer is the most famous hot air fryer and is available in various versions. The simplest version is the HD9220 and costs about € 145. This Airfryer has two knobs for temperature and time setting, and has capacity of up to 700 grams. The slightly more expensive HD9230 (approximately € 160) is the same as the HD9220, but is equipped with a digital control and the snack rack.

The HD9240 is known as the Airfryer XL and costs around € 200. The device has a capacity for up to 1200 grams or 1000 grams home fries frozen chips. The XL comes standard with digital controls and a snack rack.

We tested both the ordinary Philips Airfryer as the Philips Airfryer XL

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In September 2016, Philips introduces the Airfryer Turbo Star: a new technique. See the news about Philips Airfryer Turbo Star

Tefal Actifry

The Tefal Actifry also presents itself well as multi cooker. The most common version is the FZ7070 and costs around € 145. The Actifry creates food with a stirring blade during the baking process. The food is thus cooked evenly. For making croquettes and meatballs there is also a basket at.

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Princess Aerofryer

The first hot air fryer that brought Princess on the market was the Fat Free Fryer. A device with a huge grill and a revolving basket. It soon appeared that the Fat Free Fryer was unsuccessful and left the device silently from the market after a few years. Beginning in 2016 the Princess Aerofryer launched.

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DeLonghi Multifry

The DeLonghi convection fryer hot Multifry. The food go into a round bowl and be repositioned by the rudder. The 'Classic' costs about € 185 and can hold up to 1500 grams in chips. The "Tools" costs € 230, a digital display and a capacity of 1700 grams.
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other heteluchtfriteuses

The above fryer brands are not the only one who brought a hot air fryer on the market. We tested four other heteluchtfriteuses recent years.

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