More and more people buy a Airfryer. This beginner series tells you all you need to know to get started with your device. In this issue: make snacks, French fries and potato products.

When people buy a Airfryer is often to replace a fryer. At first, they want to use the Airfryer to make snacks, french fries and other potato products. That can obviously fine. Today I want to discuss how to best prepare snacks, which you should buy, how it is with fresh fries and frozen products.

Prepare snacks

If you buy frozen snacks in the supermarket for your Airfryer, you can proceed in different ways. So you can first look at the packaging or the product is suitable for the Airfryer. Mora has a lot of products, and the cooking time and – temperature on the packaging. Often between 10 and 15 minutes at 180 to 200 degrees for great snacks, and 7-9 minutes for small snacks such as croquettes or snacks. These snacks are tasty and crispy from the Airfryer.

Would you rather buy another (cheaper) brand snacks, you of course can. Keep in mind however that: some products into the fryer brown by the hot oil, such as croquettes. Do them in the Airfryer, they barely browning. They have indeed done. For best results, spray the snacks than with a little oil from a spray (eg Bertolli ). But the best result you get if you buy oven snacks.These are all self-tanner and are specifically intended for cooking with hot air.

It will be a matter of trying. For a croquette makes itself does not care if the croquette is brown, but the meal must of course it look nice.

Potatoes from the freezer

All potato products you buy frozen in the supermarket, to the Airfryer. Sometimes the cooking time and temperature on them. who do not’s on, then it’s a matter of trying. 180 degrees is a good temperature. A handful of fries or potato croquettes in a minute or 8 well done, but you throw the basket full then you are doing a quarter. Just between see how fast it goes and often tossing everything. Especially when the basket is fairly full, it is important to ensure perfect further cooking.

What the tastiest fries, it is hard to say. I love myself very products Aviko and McCain, but tastes differ of course. Also potato as röstirondjes and pommes duchesse go well.

Potato from the fridge

Buy you like pre-cut fries or potato cubes, – slices or whatever in the cooling of the supermarket? Of those transparent bags? Also, these can be included in the Airfryer. Look for a while on the bag. There is already oil, for example because they have a flavor or cooked? Then they can without further additions in the Airfryer. Is there nothing at? Then add one teaspoons oil to the bag and shake well. The potatoes are then crispy from the Airfryer. You bake them for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Shake them between arranged, which is important for even cooking. Do you enjoy crisp, then bake them a little longer.

Fresh potato

Cut you like fries from fresh potatoes. Or do you want slices, cubes or whatever baking? Then you should do some extra preparation. Fresh potatoes should put your namely after first cutting at least 30 minutes in cold water. This ensures that the starch is released from the outside. If you do not, then many may acrylamides occur during baking. Which are carcinogens. Cut your potatoes, put water and change the water cold in a bin in between when it is cloudy. Pat your potatoes dry.

For me it works best to bake the potatoes than in two stages. First, about 10 minutes at 150 degrees. Then increase the temperature and bake them at 180 degrees for 15 minutes or so.